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Enterprise City – 21st Century Education

The Enterprise City elementary and middle school programs combine a dynamic integrated curriculum, with a powerful hands-on culminating experience.

Students apply and integrate math, language arts, financial literacy, social studies, civics, technology skills, teamwork and critical thinking. Students take on roles as employees, government officials, consumers and citizens while running businesses, organizations and government offices.  Students create resumes, job applications, have real job interviews, get hired to a business where they work together as a team.  Business teams apply and integrate math, language arts, critical thinking, financial literacy, creative arts, as they prepare their business, agency or organization, to do business in their city.

Integrated and Co-Curricular

The experience combines an exciting standards-based curriculum taught by teachers in their classroom.  This is followed by a culminating event where students run their businesses “live” in a state-of-the-art city simulator, either set up at their school, or at a center in their area.

The integrated curriculum closely correlates with state Common Core and state standards across multiple disciplines.

Enterprise City lets students apply and reinforce classroom lessons in a real-world setting. Schools can experience improved test scores and increased student attendance rates when participating in Enterprise City.

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